Goodbye Hello World

I'm sitting here listening to Alexa play happy country music while reading the novel "The Store". There may be some irony here.

Today we sold Hargrove & Associates, Inc. (HAI), the company we started 32 years ago.  And today I announce that Larimer BI is open for business-- but more about that later.  It's been a wild ride with HAI.  Several years of obsessive work (financed by a dozen credit cards) followed by more successful years.  And today AEM actually paid us money to buy the firm -- who knew?

We rode the wave of the PC revolution through the internet and now to the cloud.  From PC's using DOS/Clarion to Windows/TopSpeed to Windows/VB6 to Web Based systems with SQL Server back-ends to Power BI we've reinvented the systems several times  I've had the privilege of working with several outstanding software developers and visionaries on our staff.

I still find it astounding that a tiny (12-person) firm can have such a global reach.  We have clients on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. 

With the sale of HAI to AEM I believe HAI and our clients are in good hands and better positioned for the future. Claire and Brian continue as the only officers and our awesome staff remains in place.  And I'll remain engaged.

For the future, I've established Larimer BI LLC to engage in Business Intelligence and related consulting work.  For 2018 a good deal of my time will be dedicated to HAI.  And we plan to grow the consulting practice outside HAI.  We'll use my own expertise in the Microsoft BI stack (SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Excel, Power BI) and 40+ years of analytic, presentation and visualization experience.  We're also establishing relationships with other excellent consultants--- stay tuned.

For those of you who have been my coworkers or clients, thank you.  For those who may need some work done, lets talk.

Happy New Year